Business Consultancy

Often when at the helm of a business, consumed in the ‘day-to-day’ it can be difficult to comprehend why performance barriers cannot be broken through and/ or how to better engage with employees or retain customers, improving processes, all of which are critical areas.

Employing an external fresh pair of eyes and an analytical approach can often bring clarity to a situation that has remained unfathomable for some time and no doubt harmful to the financial health and longevity of the business.

We will bring clarity to your business, through detailed observation, skilled listening, specific questioning and engaging with your employees and/ or customers, as well as reviewing processes to properly understand where those bottlenecks sit.

The questioning starts at the very top, as external consultants we need to ensure a clear understanding of the issue(s) from the big to the nuances and this stage can often be uncomfortable for many business owners, entrepreneurs and managers.

Unlike the more traditional style of consulting, we don’t rely purely on theory based techniques although important, this approach can often lead to a blinkered approach to understanding a company’s predicament, where as we would rather roll our sleeves up and engage with your environment, your workforce, suppliers and customers.

We specialise in implementing and/ or re-engineering sales environments, teams and processes, to optimise performance and ultimately achieve both volume and revenue goals.

Our experience is broad but we have detailed knowledge of driving performance within contact centres, recruitment and insurance environments.

If you are a business owner, senior manager with a performance issue, reach out and lets talk

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