It is our intention to deliver to you our client the very best levels of service throughout all services we deliver and/ or during any engagement. If you the client feel we have not delivered to you the service as outlined in our confirmed brief document or that you feel dissatisfied for any other reason, it is imperative that you bring this to our attention at your earliest convenience and follow up in writing, either by email or using our postal address as detailed on our Lets Talk website page.

Once in receipt of any complaint, we will handle this in the following way: -

  • We will verbally confirm receipt of your written complaint within 48 hours of its receipt
  • Your complaint will be duly registered, and an internal review will commence, which is likely to involve: -
  • discussing your complaint with the appropriate person(s)
  • looking into the services as detailed to you as part of the confirmed brief document and/ or any other means of communication outlining the services being delivered to you the client
  • the need for clarification and/ or additional information from you the client to assist in its resolution
  • the possibility of meeting with you and the appropriate person(s) accompanied by a Director to discuss the complaint and to assist in its resolution
  • Within 28 days of receipt of your complaint, we will write to you detailing the outcome of our investigations and our intended resolution and/ or the request for further time for us to further investigate the complaint which will also provide clear guidance on when you the client will next hear from us.
  • It also remains your prerogative at any time to consult, engage either the Small Claims Service and/ or the Citizens Advice Bureau if you feel at any time we have not dealt with your complaint in accordance with the process as detailed above.