Employee Engagement

There is a strong and proven correlation between employee engagement and business performance, so creating a positive culture and rewarding great behaviour is not just a ‘fluffy’ nice-to-have – it is a vital element for any business serious about sustainable growth and increased profitability.  

Employees that are truly engaged will go the extra mile to deliver a great customer experience and will approach their duties with energy and vigor, which in turn will increase productivity and ultimately profitability.

What is more, engaged employees remain with their employers for longer tenures also, reducing staff churn, which in a recent study by the CIPD estimated that every new hire costs almost £10,000 when taking into account the cost of recruitment, agencies, advertising, internal processes and training.

The same study also confirmed that engaged employees deliver up to 4 more times more value than non-engaged equivalents.

The real value comes in their interactions with your customers and creating experiences that will make customers buy more, stay loyal, as well as tell friends of their experience.

Our portal based solution provides you with a sophisticated (yet easy to manage) reward and recognition platform for your staff that will also assist your business in retaining your top talent.

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