Marketing & Strategy

Having supported more than 50 organisations and 100's of stakeholders across multiple industry sectors, we are pretty confident in our ability to assist you in your strategic positioning, defining your messaging framework and how best to articulate this through a range of content based marketing campaigns.

We work with organisations who need support through the full marketing journey/ life cycle however, if you simply require ad hoc marketing support, we can assist you also. This could be anything from website design to sales collateral, seminars to webinars, market reports to blogs, sales presentations to video content, case studies to infographics, email to snail mail and so much more.

Strategy - give purpose to your marketing in a way that you have never done before

We will take you on a journey that will help you think about your business and your market in a way that you have never done before. This stage is mostly about discovery, where we get fully immersed in your business, a workshop will follow where we will get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of the new you. We will then formulate a positioning strategy that takes us seamlessly to the messaging framework stage.

Messaging - define a message with impact that will increase prospect interaction

We combine objective knowledge with marketing creativity to establish a fresh market position for your brand. The result is an irresistible message that makes your prospect want to know more. This stage is mostly about formulating your messaging framework and the output is a document that will become your blueprint for all internal and external communication.

Content - create content relevant to your audience, channel and your desired outcome

We will help you to create content that is relevant to the people you want to interact with, the selected communication channels and the desired outcome. This stage is mostly about creation (and is often ongoing) and the outcome is typically a series or range of content pieces that will tell your story with purpose, whether in words, graphics, videos, animations, ‘casts’ or in person.

Campaigns - build your profile with a purposeful two-way dialogue with your market

We will help you create and implement content-led marketing campaigns designed to meet your marketing goals and build a purposeful two-way dialogue with your market. This stage starts with planning then execution with the outcome being a marketing campaign that will put your content to work in the most effective ways possible, for maximum impact.

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